We have learnt after interviewing, and speaking to, many athletes, and combined with our own knowledge of the world of sports, that so many sports people fall on hard times during, and after their careers.

The 1% of Athletes go on to have a pretty comfortable life. It is the 99% we want to help.

From young athletes who are just starting out in their professional sports journey, to the current crop of sports people who are plying their trade week in, week out.

We are building a global platform that enables all athletes to find the tools, and the processes through 

information, support, guidance, networking, jobs, financial support, sponsors and more.

A one stop shop for the global sporting community that puts the ATHLETE at the centre of the universe. 


No matter what sport.


No matter what age.


No matter what gender.

No matter what Country. 


 We believe the athletes of the world deserve a better deal, on and off the field of play and we are working hard to bring them that fair deal and more.